Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video Game Awards

Last night was the Video Game Awards, hosted by Spike TV. If the name does not give away what the show is about, it is an award show for video games. Although, one could argue it is more of a marketing show geared towards cars, CES Live 2012, and video games, they do cover the basics of awarding developers for making great games. Hit the jump to take a look at what categories the awards are missing and if they are doing the "Hall of Fame"right.

As of this blog posting, the VGA's has a total of 25 categories for awards. These awards are the bare bones, in my opinion, that a show needs to have. Basically it covers the "Best of [Console]", "Best of [Genre]", and "Best Graphics/Sound" gambit.

However, there is a lot more that goes into making a game. What about "Best Writing/Narrative/Story"? As we have hit the graphical limit of the consoles so users are demanding cinematic stories. Why not reward the writers behind this?

Another category, "Best Motion Capture". Many games now have actors go through and portray what we see on the screen. Andy Serkis is by far one of the best actors in today's time, but he does not receive traditional screen time, as he is the one doing the motion capture. Here is a video showing Andy working on "Heavenly Sword". A great game with a phenomenal story. The thing is that most people do not know that it is Andy behind the scenes. What about the ones that we do not hear about?

Now, the VGA's started a new tradition, the "Video Game Hall of Fame". This year's inductee was "The Legend of Zelda" as this game started a whole new genre of games. At first, I was happy for the choice but then as they continued talking about other games in the franchise. Instead of adding one game to the hall, they added the whole franchise. I find this troublesome. Yes Zelda is a great franchise, but the thing is is that not all of their games have been ground breaking. Look at the second game in the franchise, for example. Many fans were disappointed and let down by the new direction.

By adding a franchise, they are also limiting themselves in scope of other future inductees. What about Psychonauts? This game is amazing and does a lot of things extremely well, but it is not a franchise. Will this be excluded because of this?

Just some food for thought.

PS Spike..... try showing more behind the scenes in addition to trailers. Might get the audience to enjoy/hype the show more.

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