Saturday, February 4, 2012

Resources for Game Development

Below are links to resources for the major disciplines in game development. Each one provides a unique community, resource, or tutorials to help you get started in game development.

Programmers -  Great communities and resources for coders: - Good community for coders. - Great resource for developing games and apps

Artists - 3D to Concept: - Great for seeing how professionals from the movie and game industry make their art. Also a solid community. - An awesome community of developers and people who are learning how to be a 3d modeler. Great support. - Wonderful community for 2D artists. - This community has great challenges for 3d modelers. Want to push yourself? Then compete against professionals. - Great website for learning how to model. Pick up some neat tricks here.

Designer: - For the reviews. Why are the reviewers saying this? - Great website for designers - Game designers need to be able to build games and script at a minimum. Also, they have a great community of new developers here.

Business - This is something that designers and the other disciplines need to watch. More for designers as games are starting to incorporate money making strategies as part of the gameplay. - Great website business people. Need to know what is going on in the design community. They also talk about core issues that are happening in the industry. - This site provides a solid business look to the game industry. A must read. - This site provides a look into which companies are being funded, by who, and their impact. Great for the all around business, but also has a site designated to games, "Gamesbeat".

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